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My name is Dale J. Cox, a simple yet complicated person who never appreciates anything quiet, but I have a great respect for humanity and wonder why wild animals cannot coexist harmoniously like we do here in France. I love the natural habitat and I wish people would only listen when I say that it’s uncouth to deplete the natural resources in the name of economic development.

A Comparative Study between the Music Festivals in France and Other Countries – Especially for Music Lovers

People the world over continue to flock to entertainment spots in their hundreds of thousands. This is as a result of, among other things, awareness that has been created by the media, fueled by the growth in communication and technology. Furthermore, entertainment has a pivotal role when it comes to [...]

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Learn More about the Different Genres Played In the Music Fests of France

It’s important to explore a bit of how this musical elite package their talent, though it’s not easy and there is no formula to describe exactly which particular type or genre a musician falls into; sometimes it even becomes difficult to classify music on whether it belongs to a particular [...]

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Fetch the Details about your Favorite Artists Who Will Make Musical Fests of France 2017 Magical

Being a music enthusiast, I like getting as much info as possible when I hear of upcoming events, even more so when it’s happening in my country of France. Here though, almost every other day there is a concert, event, meeting or gathering I am interested to know more about [...]

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A Backpack Guide for a Music Lover in France: What to Carry?

By now you’re probably weighing up your options on which festival to attend; if not, keep reading—I am here to help. So, don’t make a mistake of booking your ticket and finding yourself in the queue waiting to enter the grounds; you start feeling a bit uncomfortable from the scorching [...]

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