France and Paris may be strongly associated with beauty and glamor but the beautiful country is not lacking in quality music, rich culture, and artists either. There are many music festivals in France spread across the different months of the year. If you are planning on visiting France, you may want to schedule your visit to fall within the days of one of the many festivals that are slated for some days and months of the year.

Growl Boyz - Gay Series

Growl Boyz – Gay Series

Growling Boyz Release

We are anticipating the upcoming release of the growling boys series. The parties themed around this are going to be epic and we are pretty sure there is many events coming up in France. To quickly explain what Growl Boyz is – the series features roaring and growling, sexually angry gay guys engaging in sexual intercourse that’s supposed to make them supernatural. This cult originates from ancient Greece and as you will experience in this fantasy series, these guys will continue to cultivate this special phenomenon.

Missionary Boys Attack!

Missionary Boys - Gay Series

Missionary Boys – Gay Series

This is right! The secret cult of priests is attacking the scene with their newest production called The Missionary Boys. You can expect a lot of mysterious, yet very sexual episodes where young and naive guys wanting to become missionaries are doing gay acts. Asked to do all the filthy stuff they don’t complain, just do the job. Elders, priests and all other fantasy figures in the most anticipated gay series of 2018.

If France is your destination this year, you may want to have a taste of the iconic festivals that comes up in your location. Below are some of the common music festivals in France that comes up annually in various cities and towns.

Calvi On The Rocks, Corsica (June and July 2018)

Calvi on the Rocks, a festival that is hosted on the Corsica Island is an electronic music festival. The coastline of Corsica plays host to some of the top artists of Techno, House, and alternative music for the six days period that the program lasts. Participants can have all-night-long parties as the event lasts. The six days event is both an open-air and indoor show on the Island. It is simply a summer gathering with a good blend of suitable location and top-notch performance by the various artists. This year’s event promises to be exciting and fun-filled between the months of June and July.

Fête De La Musique (Music Festival) June 21 2018

From the translation, you can tell that the festival is all about music covering no particular genre. This carnival-patterned festival is a celebration of music in all forms including jazz, rock, elecro and indie. People from other regions of the world refer to the festival as World Music Day. Holding in the beautiful capital, Paris, the streets, parks and squares boom with all kinds of musicians displaying their skills with great performances to the admiration of the participants. Free performances are also rendered during the festival.

Solidays, Paris (24 June 2018)

Solidays is not just a festival like every other. It is a festival that caters to the needs of others. It raises funds for AIDS and HIV charity including Solidarite Sida. The festival is held at the Longchamp racecourse. The festival brings together musicians from all genres to the delight of the participants. Participants will be treated to everything rock, hip-hop, pop, indie and electronic in this year’s festival.

The Worldwide Festival, Sete, (June 30- July 7, 2018)

With close proximity to Montpellier, Sete is the host ground of the Worldwide Festival. The city goes frenzy for the whole week the festival lasts. It has been an annual festival for the past 12 years now in the beautiful fishing town of Sete. The festival has both live bands and DJs on set to perform at their various schedules. Music styles such as Afrobeat and Trance leaves the participants in a partying mood up till the early hours of the day. Beach parties take the stage during the day while evening concerts take the night hours.

Electrobeach, Le Barcarès (July 12-14 2018)

Electrobeach is the largest electronic festival in the beautiful country of France. The annual summer event has always been a big hit with a crop of notable stars in the music industry including EDM, House, and Trance. The annual event attracts a population of over 100,000 participants every year on the Mediterranean shore. Previous performance has seen Afrojack, David Guetta, and Don Diablo perform on stage.

Chopin Festival, Paris (June- July 2018)

This will be the 35th edition of the festival that holds annually in commemoration of the Polish pianist and composer. As a tribute to the Polish composer, young musicians interpret his works for the festival. Orangerie in Parc de Bagatelle is the location for the event.

Rock En Seine, Paris (Aug 24 -26 2018)

The 16th edition will be held this year. Rock En Seine is a music festival in France comprising all music genres and it is one of the most loved festivals in Europe. The festival is hosted annually in a park that is beautifully designed by Andre Le Notre, some distance outside of Paris. All artists both small and well-known are given the privilege to take turns on the stage. Past performers at the event include The XX, Jain, George Ezra and The Kids.

As you look towards upcoming music festivals in France, consider the above as some of the topmost music festivals in France happening this year.