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French Music For Export – French Artists To Look For In France And Around The World In 2019

France has a rich and diverse musical history from the classical to the contemporary. The French language is lauded as the most pleasantly romantic language to listen to. It is the language of courtship.  It is no wonder then that many people love French music. Listening to today’s French music [...]

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The Most Happening Music Festivals In France To Wait For This Year

France and Paris may be strongly associated with beauty and glamor but the beautiful country is not lacking in quality music, rich culture, and artists either. There are many music festivals in France spread across the different months of the year. If you are planning on visiting France, you may [...]

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French Hits That Are Rocking The Global Stage

So what should you expect from French artists in 2018? A lot! Take a look at the list that we have prepared to showcase you the most important launches (including the French premiere of!)

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The Colorful Hues of Music Festival in France: How It All Began

There are things you can’t leave behind if you want to talk about the music culture of France; one is the rich plains filled with vineyards and the other is how the world trickles down to various cities in France for music festivals. You need to spice up your wine-drinking [...]

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A Comparative Study between the Music Festivals in France and Other Countries – Especially for Music Lovers

People the world over continue to flock to entertainment spots in their hundreds of thousands. This is as a result of, among other things, awareness that has been created by the media, fueled by the growth in communication and technology. Furthermore, entertainment has a pivotal role when it comes to [...]

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Learn More about the Different Genres Played In the Music Fests of France

It’s important to explore a bit of how this musical elite package their talent, though it’s not easy and there is no formula to describe exactly which particular type or genre a musician falls into; sometimes it even becomes difficult to classify music on whether it belongs to a particular [...]

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