By now you’re probably weighing up your options on which festival to attend; if not, keep reading—I am here to help. So, don’t make a mistake of booking your ticket and finding yourself in the queue waiting to enter the grounds; you start feeling a bit uncomfortable from the scorching sun, wanting to use the face towel you forgot to bring—and the nearest shop is nowhere to be seen.

Finding yourself in the festival unprepared will deny you an opportunity to immerse yourself fully into the event due to discomfort, and can sometimes lead to sickness or even being forced to cut short your stay. Gather all the information to make your stay in France comfortable and learn all the do’s and don’ts of festival-going.

Whether an experienced camper or a first-timer, you need to know this.

We are all differently-wired and we have diverse needs; take extra precautions to include a few extra items that can make your stay away from home as comfortable an experience as possible.

Camping gear

You need comfortable camping gear that is spacious, yet conveniently compact when packed. I won’t recommend a particular brand, but there’s variety of camping gear available in most major stores – check the ratings so that you pick the perfect gear for your getaway.

Sleeping bag

Get yourself a nice sleeping bag that will comfort and ease your exhausted body after long hours of jumping, standing, shaking and making merry. You need a good rest in between events so that you are rejuvenated.

Light source

You may prefer a solar-powered lighting system or a dry-cell lighting torch. This is an essential item; you never know when it might come in handy, and I know you won’t want to have your tent in full glare of the park’s electric lightnings.


Get yourself a camelback to stuff your small, essential items. You don’t need to keep rushing to refill your water bottle every now and then—keep your rehydrating fluids with you and concentrate on being entertained.


How else do you relax after a hot summer day in France other than occasionally dipping into the swimming pool or Mediterranean waters? A swim suit is a must.

Shampoo and sanitizer

It’s very important to have a dry shampoo and sanitizer to keep yourself groomed, and for basic hygiene. You need to take care of your specific dermatological needs to keep your skin healthy and clean.

Wet wipes

There are public showering areas but sometimes the queues are long and the facilities disgusting. You may only need a quick brush-up which can be done using store-bought wet wipes, saving you time to follow your itinerary.

First aid kit

There are small kits available which could come in handy should you be injured, even though emergency services are always on standby. Protection is always advisable.

Weather necessities

Depending on which festival you are attending, make sure to check on the local weather conditions and arm yourself accordingly. Umbrellas, gum boots, warm coats and hot bottles could be among the items to include depending on the weather.


Remember to carry some money in cash, just in case you need to purchase a few items in a place with limited use of cards.

Portable battery

You’re bound to take a lot of photos which can drain your camera battery, so make sure to carry a backup battery for your gadgets.

Bluetooth speakers

Carry portable Bluetooth speakers for entertainment once you’ve retired for the evening.

Personal effects

Take precaution as per your doctor’s advice; if you are on medication or you require constant use of a particular medical product, it’s better not to take chances. You should carry anything you need with you, including your doctor’s prescription in case the security want a bit more of an explanation.

Remember, the essence is to make your getaway as comfortable as possible for you to fully indulge and enjoy. Therefore, pay attention to your specific needs, add more items or do away with unnecessary stuff. I want you to have a blast once you get here.