With the world filled with American pop songs and Hollywood movies, it is always nice to listen to something different. French songs are cool, romantic and very relaxing. For people that want to learn the language and the French culture, then listening to French hits would be one way to do it. Appreciate French art and culture. The beats are exquisite, acoustic and range from R& B, dancehall, hip-hop, reggeaton and French pop.

French films too remind the world why the French are a force to reckon with as far as cinema goes. Some of the best known French actors and actresses like Yvonne Monlaur, Anne Wiazemsky, Med Hondo and David Suchet to name but a few have graced the screens with so much talent and poise.

Some of these songs tell the incredible history of the French and are rhythmic and inspiring. When French artists hit the stage, they give excellent vibrant performances and all upcoming music festivals are no exception. Revelers turn out in plenty to watch and cheer on their best music artists. Discover French music with the following French hits rocking the global stage.

French premiere of Family Dicks series

Family Dicks LogoThe famous Family Dick series is finally being launched in France. It’s accessible under http://familydicks.com and it features the very same content that’s been available in other countries. So what is that you should expect by visiting this fantasy series? Mostly the taboo relations of step-fathers with their step-sons. It’s gay website and so is the video content presented there.

French Hit Songs Rocking The Globe

  • Non, Je Ne Regretted Rien By Edith Piaf
  • Le Petite Dejeuner By Kristian Rover
  • Je Veux T’aimer Ainsi Soit-Il By Demis Roussos
  • Dernere Danse By Indila
  • You Will Never Know By Imany
  • Desireless By Voyage Voyage
  • Je Veux By Zaz
  • Bonjour Paris By Halidon Music
  • Happy French Morning By Lounge Music
  • Coco Caline By Julien Dole
  • Amsterdam (Live) By Morceau De Jacques Brel
  • Orly By Morceau De Jacques Brel
  • 5Il N’y A Pas D’amour Heureux By Marceau De Georges Brassens
  • Alors On Danse By Stromae
  • Boite En Argent By Indila
  • Formidable By Stromae
  • Gottingen By Morceau De Barbara
  • Hexagone By Morceaqu De Renaud
  • Hornet La Frappe By Je Pense À Toi
  • Sur Ma Route By Black M
  • Tu Es Fou By Magic System
  • Color Gitano By Kendji Girac
  • Nouveaux Horizons By Melissa Nkonda
  • Ignore Moi By Melanie Pain
  • Divine Idylle By Vanessa Paradis
  • Jalouse by L.
  • Hymne L’amour By Morceau De Edith Piaf
  • Initials B.B. By Morceau De Serge Gainsbourg
  • La Famille Belier By Louane
  • La Foule By Morceau De Edith Piaf
  • Lache Rien By Hk Et Les Saltimbanks
  • L’Aigle Noir By Morceau De Barbara
  • Manu By Morceau De Renaud
  • Paris By Night By Benabar
  • Printemps By Coeur De Pirate
  • Puisque Tu Pars By Morceau De Jean-Jacques Goldman
  • Summertime By Stromae
  • Tes Parents By Vincent Delarm
  • Tourner Dans Le Vide By Indila
  • Tous Les Cris Les Sos By Morceau De Daniel Balavoine
  • Paris By Edith Pief
  • J’ai Deux Amors By Josephine Baker
  • Les Champs Elyse By Joe Dassin
French Hits

French Movie Hits Rocking The Globe

  • 35 Shots of Rum
  • Amelie
  • Amour
  • Blue is the Warmest Colour
  • Eden
  • L’esquive (Games of love and chance)
  • Goodbye to Language
  • Holy Motors
  • I’ve Loved You so Long
  • La permission de Minuit (The moon child)
  • II est Plus Facille Pour un Chameau (it’s easier for a camel)
  • La vie en Rosse
  • Love Songs
  • Presume Coupable (presumed guilty)
  • My Golden Days
  • Regular Lovers
  • Son of Joseph
  • Stranger by the Lake
  • The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
  • Things to Come
  • Under the Sand

Wrapping It Up

The above-mentioned French hits that are rocking the global stage are just some of the hundreds of songs and movies the French have to offer. One thing about French music and their movies is how romantic they are. Even for non-French speaking people, it is always a pleasure to listen to these songs. You may not understand the meaning of the words, but the feel of the music gets to you.