Do’s and Don’ts in Les Eurockéennes Music Fest 2017

  • Remember you are heading to one of the world’s biggest rock festivals in a foreign country. The French are good people who love visitors but won’t be amused if you keep bothering them with your lack of manners and ignorance.

  • Do learn French; information is widely available and you can start learning a new language right away—utilize this opportunity.

  • Do say Bonjour when you go into shops at Belfort or within Les Eurockéennes; this is considered polite and you stand a better chance of making new friends.

  • Do mingle with the French community at Les Eurockéennes; yes, you went to party, but you can’t party alone in a multitude of people—learn a thing or two.

  • Do take a bus to Les Eurockéennes; the ride is more enjoyable and you’ll have a chance of sight-seeing. It’ll also help you avoid an encounter with the police.

  • Do drink wine—drink, drink, drink, and then drink some more; rock music goes well with a tipsy mind.

  • Do fill your stomach. When served food at Les Eurockéennes, eat everything you’re given; it’s bad manners not to finish your serving. If you are not hungry, avoid the restaurant.

  • Don’t be polite on the road if you are driving—insult a driver, its acceptable.

  • Don’t take your professional talk, etiquette or values which might hinder you from enjoying such a great festival—lose yourself, that’s why you are there.

  • Don’t take politics to Les Eurockéennes; talk with fans and show more interest in meeting new friends. Politics tends to get nasty when heavy metal bands are playing.

  • Don’t wear your expensive jewelry, ornaments or attires; wear smart, cheap but cheerful stuff—in the event that you over-indulge, you won’t suffer losses.

  • Don’t quite dance as if there’s no tomorrow, otherwise you’ll get exhausted at your own peril. Always spare some energy for the next day’s events and get to enjoy the whole package at Les Eurockéennes.

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