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There are things you can’t leave behind if you want to talk about the music culture of France; one is the rich plains filled with vineyards and the other is how the world trickles down to various cities in France for music festivals.

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My name is Dale Cox, a simple yet complicated person who never appreciates anything quiet, but I have a great respect for humanity and wonder why wild animals cannot coexist harmoniously like we do here in France. I love the natural habitat and I wish people would only listen when I say that it’s uncouth to deplete the natural resources in the name of economic development.

I was born and brought up in southern France in the rural setting, with plenty of vineyards and really enjoyed the countryside life; me and my siblings would occasionally play a game of hide-and-seek deep inside the vineyards, almost forgetting to attend to our daily chores. A beating would follow, as my father would not take any excuse lying down. My mother was equally tough, but I had mastered her weaknesses and could start crying even before she picked up her cane. This tactic helped me quite a lot until one day when my big mouth shared it with my sister, whose hatred towards me being called mummy’s boy led her to unveil my secrets to the whole world during dinner.

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Music Lovers – Get Complete Information about the Popular Music Fests of France


A Backpack Guide for a Music Lover in France: What to Carry?

July 14th, 2017|News, Tips, Tips For Tourists|

By now you’re probably weighing up your options on which festival to attend; if not, keep reading—I am here to help. So, don’t make a mistake of booking your ticket and finding yourself in the [...]

The Colorful Hues of Music Festival in France: How It All Began

There are things you can’t leave behind if you want to talk about the music culture of France; one is the rich plains filled with vineyards and the other is how the world trickles down to various cities in France for music festivals. You need to spice up your wine-drinking with the soul-soothing sound of instruments, accompanied by meaningful vocals that drench both your mind and soul. That’s why the world is always abuzz every year, wanting to know when and where these music festivals are. As a music-lover myself, I can assure you, what France has for you this year will not disappoint.

Good question, but before I can answer I must first take my hat off to France for their role in developing European music.
It dates back to the early 9th Century; the development of religion and various influences associated with a mix of different historic events, which resulted in molding what the people wanted to be told and the art of communicating this message.

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